The AUGMENT collaborative would like to invite you to participate in its national audit project: The AcUte manaGeMEnt of aNkle fracTures.


This study is looking to establish current practice of ankle fracture management in the UK. The practice will be measured against BOAST 12 guidelines ( With your help we are expecting to accrue 100 hospitals and approximately 2000 patients!


The audit will be a prospective collection of ALL patients suffering ankle fractures in the study window 00:01 on 05.11.2018 to 23:59 on 03.12.2018 before then following them up at 6 weeks. All collaborators that sign up will receive a ‘toolkit’ via email, which explains the process in more detail. As a collaborator for your hospital you are expected to register the audit with your local audit department and record details for all patients having had an ankle fracture in your hospital (expected to be around 20 in a month).


If you are interested in a career in orthopaedics or surgery this is a fantastic opportunity to boost your CV with research and also to show your commitment to the speciality. You will also be named as a contributor on PubMed in any resulting publications, of which at least 2 or 3 are expected.


It will be worth a huge amount when it comes to job applications and interviews, as well as being excellent experience.


If you’d like to participate in AUGMENT you can find out more information and sign up here: 


Any questions? Contact us at