The Oxford Surgical Collaborative for Audit and Research (OxSCAR) is a trainee-led collaborative within the Thames Valley Deanery. Our main objective is to deliver high quality clinical research and undertake relevant audit in key surgical settings. There is a strong emphasis on collaborative work in order to facilitate data capture in a multi-centre setting. Our projects focus on and encompass the broad diversity of General Surgery. We aim to create and maintain an accessible and productive network for current surgical trainees and medical students in order to strengthen their knowledge and understanding of surgical issues.

Since OxSCAR was created, we have established links with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) and the Clinical Research Network (CRN). In addition to conducting our own studies and meta-analyses, we work in close partnership with several other national surgical research collaboratives.

OxSCAR aims to improve education and extra-curricular experience for surgical trainees through the opportunity to network, develop ideas and access expertise and resources. The OxSCAR committee organises quarterly meetings throughout the year, where experts offer keynote presentations from across both medical and surgical specialities. These meetings contain inspirational talks offering an insight into exciting new research developments and an unique opportunity to network with others.

OxSCAR is sponsored by Cook Medical and Stryker